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Safely Interact With Dogs

Safely Interact With Dogs

Learn about some of the key indicators displayed by dogs if they are happy, frightened or angry.

Safely Interact With Dogs

A safe way to approach a dog

  • Walk up calmly and quietly
  • Stop 3 steps away and ask the owner’s permission
  • Let the dog smell the back of your hand
  • Step to the side of the dog and stroke from the collar to the tail
  • What to do if you are approached by an unknown or angry dog
  • Stop and stand still
  • Place your hands down by your side
  • Stay quiet and look down at the ground

Children should not approach dogs if they are;

  • Sleeping or in their kennel
  • In a car or on the back of a truck
  • Behind a fence or gate
  • Eating
  • Tied up
  • Unwell or injured
  • With their puppies
  • At parties
  • Not with their owners

Happy relaxed body language

  • Tail wagging enthusiastically
  • Tongue hanging out in a relaxed manner
  • Body relaxed
  • Head held high

Leave a dog alone if they show the following signs;

  • Frightened or unsure
  • Drops tail between legs
  • Ears are back flat on head
  • Licks its lips
  • Rolls over and shows tummy
  • Tail wagging close to the ground
  • Trying to look smaller by crouching down

Angry or aggressive

  • Shows teeth and growls
  • Makes self look as big as it can
  • Eyes wide open and staring
  • Hair on neck and back standing up