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Hermit Crab

Hermit Crab

Learn all about keeping a Hermit Crab!

Hermit Carb General Information

Hermit crabs are a nocturnal crustacean that live on the sea shore.


Tanks for hermit crabs should be lined with shell grit or sand, and should contain both a dish of fresh water and salt water.

As the hermit crab grows it will need bigger shells, so keep some on hand, you can buy them in our shop or find them on the beach & wash them out very well. Leave them scattered in the tank so the crab can find them when required. Keep the old shells in the tank also as they are a source of nutrition, they will eat them.

The tank must be kept clean at all times, the whole tank should be cleaned every two weeks.

The ideal temperature for the tank is between 24 and 27 degrees.

A water spray bottle should be utilised to dampen the tank regularly to provide a humid environment for the crab.

You can have more than one crab in the tank, but keep them all the same size, larger crabs can be bullies.

Dietary Info

Dishes should be plastic, not metal as this can harm the crab. You will need to add water conditioner to your tap water to remove the chlorine.

Hermit crabs eat specially designed food in the form of pellets & crumbles that you will find in store. They can also eat small amounts of fruit & vegetable.