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Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs make wonderful pets. Learn more about them.

Guinea Pig Traits & Behaviour

You’ll find your new family member to be gentle, sociable, and cheerful. They will enjoy receiving your attention and being in your company and will make happy noises or whistles to show their good mood. They are pretty smart, so the two of you will be learning some tricks together. Guinea Pigs enjoy roommates but make sure you house your guinea pigs with same-sex roommates as the females might become pregnant as young as four weeks.

Introducing your guinea pig to their new home takes a day or two as they will be shy at first, so let them explore the area.  Keep cats and dogs away as your guinea pig will be frightened of them.

Guinea Pigs have a life expectancy of 4-8 years on average.


  • Choose a cage with low sides so they can see out as they are curious
  • They enjoy an extra storey for further area to explore & a hidey house
  • Use pine shavings or soft bedding layered to a depth of 3.5 to 4cm


  • Having access to hay is vital & it’s also important to provide some pelleted food
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables using fruit that is low in sugar. Carrots can also be given frequently, as well as celery or beans, but chop them up into 1cm sizes or less.
  • Water- use a drink bottle because water bowls are easily spilled.
  • Vitamin C

Supplies & Equipment
  • Nail Cutters & Scissors – Your guinea pigs nails will need to be trimmed monthly.
  • A Hidey House
  • Water Bottle & Ceramic Food Bowl
  • Grooming Brush & Guinea Pig Shampoo – Every 3 months is a good time for a bath.
  • The front teeth never stop growing so they need chews or treat sticks

Symptoms of Illness
  • Running eyes or nose, crust around the eyes or losing excessive amounts of fur  seek veterinary help