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Articles - LifeWise BIOTIC nutritional care products

LifeWise BIOTIC nutritional care products

LifeWise BIOTIC nutritional care products

At Brontosaurus we love to bring you products that support the mental, physical and overall well-being health of your pet. That’s why we recommend LifeWise Pet Food!

LifeWise is 100% Australian; Australian original science, Australian pure and clean raw ingredients processed in Australia by Australians for dogs around the world. Developed with over 50 years’ experience in pet nutrition.

LifeWise promotes the combination of high quality, sympathetic ingredients in the correct proportions to create a specific nutrient profile in both an ethical and an effective method of feeding your pet.

All too often we see pet foods containing ingredients that may contain the correct nutrients, but these nutrients are often present in the food in an indigestible form.

This leads to a distortion of the microbiome which in turn creates imbalances in blood nutrient levels, an increase in stool production, and a general lowering of health and wellbeing.

Good microbial outcomes result in good health, whilst bad microbial outcomes result in ill health. So, it becomes impossible for a dog (or you for that matter) to be truly healthy if the gut microbial population is compromised.

Ask any vet in small animal practice and they will tell you their bread and butter business is skin and gut issues in dogs, and now with gut health research overwhelmingly identifying a lack of microbial diversity in the gut microbiome as being the underlying cause of these sensitivity issues, it shines a light on the need for improved diet design if our canine friends are to enjoy good health and wellbeing.

That’s where the LifeWise BIOTIC range comes in.

The BIOTIC range is specifically formulated using LifeWise advanced nutrition technology to both address the underlying cause of particular metabolic disorders whilst treating the physical symptoms at the same time.

Researchers now agree that metabolic disease conditions such as kidney and liver disfunction, heart disease, inflammatory response disorders such as arthritis, pancreatitis, sensitive stomachs and leaky gut syndrome together with senile decay disorders and allergies are all associated with dysbiosis of the gut microbiome.

Dysbiosis is a shrinkage of microbial diversity and depending on the nature of the change of the microbial population, certain changes of metabolic function in the body occurs. These changes are the underlying cause of the disorder.

To sustainably overcome metabolic disorders requires the species diversity within the gut be restored to a healthy level. The primary way of reducing the effects of, and eliminating dysbiosis, is through the feeding of complementary food ingredients in precise ratios to foster the development of the microbiome.The road to good health is further supported by ensuring the supply of essential nutrients in the food specifically supports repair and recovery of the affected organ or part of the body.

LifeWise BIOTIC is available for Skin and Stomach Sensitivities, JointsIssues, Fear, Stress or Anxious Dogs, Gastric Distress, and Chronic Liver andKidney Disorders.

Speak to us today to find out more about feeding your dog or cat LifeWise and our buy 5 get 1 FREE loyalty program.

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