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Articles - From The Age of 7, Your Pets Dietary Needs Change

From The Age of 7, Your Pets Dietary Needs Change

From The Age of 7, Your Pets Dietary Needs Change

Did you know that your pet's dietary needs change after the age of 7?

How old is your pet in human years?

From 7 years of age (or 5+ years old if your dog is a large breed), your pet's nutrition and physical needs change. In human terms, it's equivalent to entering your 50s. And just as our nutritional and physical needs change when we're seniors, your pet's feeding and exercise routines need to change too.

Being proactive: know what to look for

When your pet reaches their senior years, their nutritional needs will probably change, so it's important to take this into account when choosing your senior pet's food.1 Also, regular visits to your vet will help detect medical conditions that could become evident or more pronounced in old age. The earlier these diseases are detected, the better the chances of managing them successfully.2

Nutritional needs of senior pets

A nutritious and balanced diet is an essential part of an active, healthy lifestyle for all senior pets. Hill's understands that the dietary requirements of mature pets differ from those of young and middle aged pets.

Older pets may be less able to cope with nutrient excesses or deficiencies, or changes in nutrient intake and quality. Food for mature pets should therefore meet recommended daily allowances, strictly and consistently.

Discover the precisely balanced nutrition of Hill's Science Diet Mature Adult and at your local Just For Pets independent pet store and talk to them about the range of specially formulated Hill's Science Diet foods to suit your pet's life stage or health concerns.

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